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Bluetooth TrackableNock


Get On The Fast Track

Nothing is more irritating than stopping your practice or pursuit to search for a missing arrow. Losing a fully loaded arrow that’s affixed with a broadhead and lighted nock can easily set you back $60. On top of that, the search for lost arrows can eat up a considerable amount of your time. The Breadcrumb Bluetooth Trackable Nock saves you from both of these frustrations so you can get back to more enjoyable hunting.

The brightest idea in archery

  1. Precise Contact Points

    Engineered and molded for a controlled and consistent arrow release to ensure accuracy

    Easy On/Off Activation

    No magnets, pullout switches or knife points required… The Breadcrumb Bluetooth Trackable Nock is armed and ready with a simple touch of its water-resistant activation button.

  2. Ultra Bright LED

    Activated upon firing, Breadcrumb’s LED light acts as an illuminated tracer in flight, and becomes a pulsating beacon to aid in retrieval.

  3. PCB Processor

    The brains behind it all, this tiny microprocessor controls the light, sound and Bluetooth tracking functions.


    This powerful piece of hardware uses a motion sensor to activate when fired and not while in your quiver.

    Sound Chip & Speaker

    When an arrow is covered by earth and brush, this unique nock feature calls out to provide you its hidden location

    Bluetooth Transmitter

    With a range up to 50+ yards, this tech component reaches out to communicate directly with your smart phone.

  4. Replaceable Battery

    Providing more than 35 hours of continuous tracking power, the replaceable battery is controlled by the PCB to monitor battery life and conserve energy when needed.

Nock Sizing Chart

Breadcrumb Bluetooth Trackable Nocks are available in multiple sizes and are designed to fit virtually every standard arrow and crossbow bolt. A specialized adapter will fit nocks to micro-diameter arrows.

Select arrow or crossbow to find your sizing chart

Size Arrow ID Estimated Weight
S .244” 43 Grains
GT .246” 43 Grains
H .233” 43 Grains
X** .204” In Development
G** .165” In Development

Bolt ID Estimated Weight
.284” 40 Grains
.297/.300” 40 Grains

Breadcrumb - Bluetooth Location Marker

The Location Marker

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