When you encounter a “white screen” on the “Find Device Screen” on an iPhone, this could be caused by an app access issue. Please make sure your app settings include access to Cellular Data (see attached). You don’t need WiFi or network access on your phone after logging in to the app as the app can use your Bluetooth capabilities to communicate with the device while you are out in the field. But, the app needs to have the permission to access Cellular Data to make sure all screens load.

Breadcrumb trackable products or our iOS and Android apps do not require a cell or Wi-Fi signal to function. By utilizing the built-in Bluetooth capabilities in modern smartphones, it allows the phone to communicate with our trackable devices in the remote places where many of us hunt. It is important to note that you will need a Wi-Fi or cell connection to download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play the first time you need it. You will also want to be connected when you set-up and name each of your devices.

We have experienced some connection issues with certain android phones which turns out to be a phone/software issue for many Bluetooth product manufacturers.  Some typical solutions that work are:

1.   Make Sure Location Services is Turned On for the App

2.  Make sure NOT to connect to devices in Bluetooth settings, on Android many people connect via the Bluetooth settings and that messes up the Operating System and how it works with our App.  If a user did connect via the Bluetooth settings in Android, they need to go back into settings and “forget” the device

3.  Toggle the Bluetooth Off/On

4.  Reboot Phone

If the above doesn’t work the Phone will need to be factory reset, this really stinks for most customers and sometimes has been required more then once.  Unfortunately, that is a specific issue with the phone and not our products.


Hopefully these will rectify the situation.

Through Breadcrumb’s proprietary and patented hardware and software we are able to send the required BT signal much further than a complex stereo quality music signal. We only need to communicate with the device to activate the built-in Bluetooth, accelerometer, light, and sound chips, not to transfer complex data. Of course the less interference between the phone and the device the further the signal will reach. Remember that this is an amazing amount of technology stuffed into a very small space. We are excited about the future innovations that will continue to improve everything that we make.

We at Breadcrumb have no interest in developing products, or in having people use our products, for tracking animals. We believe that hard work, practice and ethical standards are the foundation of a true outdoorsman or outdoorswoman. Our devices are built to help you find your equipment or those locations that you need to find to help you have a great hunt and adventure. If we can get you to your stand or help you recover your arrow you have a better chance of finding your passion and may even save you lost arrows or cameras in the process.

We have developed our Breadcrumb Trackable Lighted nock technology to be utilized in as many applications as possible but given the amount of technology that needs to fit in a very small space we do have challenges with micro diameter arrows. We will be launching our nock’s in H, S, and GT Inner Diameter (ID) arrows and are close to finalizing the X nock size. We do having a solution that we believe in for the G size arrow shafts but surprise ourselves with what we end up figuring out so check back occasionally or follow us on Facebook for updates. Please visit our Arrow Application Guide to see what size your current arrows will utilize if you are not sure.

We are in development of a Breadcrumb Trackable lighted nock for crossbow bolts. Given the speed and G forces associated with modern crossbows we are doing extensive testing to ensure that our PCB board and components hold up to the extreme environment they will be living in. We will update the community once we are complete but have full faith we will have a great product to deliver.

Sharing a device with a friend is easy. Simply have your friend download the app and register with their email address. Once they have done so, simply hit the share button on the specific device (Bluetooth Trackable Lighted Nock or Location Marker) and put in the email address that your friend registered with. They will receive an invite and all they need to do is accept. Now they can help you find your device or location or even get to the stand on their own; no more walking them in. As soon as you are ready to un-share you simply press the un-share button for that device in the app and they will no longer have access to that specific device. You can share a device with as many or as few people as you would like.

We developed the Location Marker specifically for the outdoors. Other “tracker” devices utilize small batteries, faint sound chips and sometimes a very faint LED light as the small battery is very limited. We developed a unit that is very durable, weather resistant, has a much stronger bluetooth signal and range and has an extensive battery life. Our device has five bright (and expensive) LED lights and a sound chip perfectly suited for finding it in the woods or on the mountain. We don’t use some strange battery that must be purchased at a specialty store, we use traditional AAA batteries that you can find at the one gas station you hit in the middle of nowhere at 4AM on the way to your hunting spot. It was designed with a variety of mounting points and doesn’t weigh a lot so you can put it on or in your pack without question. We are hunters and outdoorsmen and have built it for what we do.

Breadcrumb was founded by a group of hunters and business people who recognized that our industry was ready for actual technology that would help improve the hunting experience. We started the idea of Breadcrumb in late 2015 and have spent two years and a tremendous amount of resources bringing the vision to life with an amazing set of partners and friends. We are not part of another company or big conglomerate, we are entrepreneurs who funded this work and company ourselves, risking what we have to make something great. We appreciate all the support we have received and can’t wait to see what happens next.

Thank you so much for your interest in working with us; we are flattered. Please visit our Dealer Inquiry form and send us the details. We will follow-up with the appropriate information when available.

Please visit our Pro/Field Staff form to let us know all about you and what you do. We appreciate everyone’s interest in helping us spreads the word. Once we have more information available we will follow-up with specifics.

Mobile App Support includes the following:

Platform App Version Min. OS Support App Store Listing
iOS 1.2.2 9.3+ Download App
Android 1.2.0 6+ Download App

Breadcrumb is sold thru a few key retailers and dealers in the US and Canada. As for e-commerce, Truemark is the only authorized seller on Amazon or on-line outside of sales on our website www.breadcrumbtech.com. All other on-line retailers are unauthorized to resell our products and may be counterfeit and therefore do not qualify for a warrantee thru Breadcrumb LLC. Only products purchased via Truemark on Amazon or via Breadcrumbtech.com have a full warrantee if purchased on-line.