Holiday Gift Guide For Hunters

Winter is here and this is the time of year outdoorsmen (and women) love the most. Why’s that you ask? It is because of all the exciting hunts that are open for the season! Some of a hunter’s most desired gear is the gear that is out of date or falling apart. This holiday season, grab one of these unique products for the hunter in your life that you won’t find in a big-box retail store.  

FHF Gear Bino Harness PRO-M

    Dropping supplies and binoculars in the field will be a thing of the past with FHF’s Harness PRO. Made with high-quality Cordura, this harness is designed to be quiet, lightweight, low profile, and easily operated with one hand. The rows of webbing on the underside of the pouch make it easy to attach and store tags, lens cloths, and when need, bear spray. This is one of the most comfortable and breathable harnesses on the market. No hunter will ever turn this gift down!  

Born and Raised Outdoors Signature Elk Bugle Tube


Know anyone who draws an elk tag each year? BRO’s Elk Bugle Tube is one of the best sounding tubes on the market. Tested and approved, the success rate is outstanding! Talk to designer Jason Phelps, and you’ll see that you won’t get skunked again on your next elk hunt. Now all you have to worry about next season is drawing a tag.

Breadcrumb Bluetooth Trackable Location Marker

  You’ve heard this story a hundred times from your buddy who is a die-hard hunter. They misplaced their gear and had to spend hours in the field searching for their expensive supplies. That issue is a thing of the past with the battery-powered Breadcrumb Location Markers. These markers can be used to mark blood trails, find trail cams, and locate gear. The Breadcrumb Location Marker is the perfect gift for those who want a safer and more successful hunt.    

Stone Glacier Avail 2200

    Know someone who could use a good pack for out in the field? The Avail 2200 is a full-featured utility pack with 5 pockets, internal organization for spotting scope or snow shovel, and a side pocket for a tripod. The best part about the Avail 2200 is that you don’t have to be a hunter to enjoy it. The pack is also great for those who enjoy skiing, climbing, or who need a light bag to get around town with. Using the same shoulder straps as our external frame, the pack can be quickly swapped from external frame mode to daypack mode. The Stone Glacier Avail 2200 is the essential gear for anyone who loves a backcountry adventure.    

First Lite Grizzly Cold Weather Glove

    When hunting for waterfowl in the middle of winter, staying warm should be of the highest priority. Not only for health reasons, but also for the mind. Concentration is key and poorly insulated gloves can cause a hunter to lose focus. First Lite’s Grizzly Cold Weather Glove is a revolution in hunting that delivers the ultimate cold weather glove. Its leather palms and “snot pad” keep the gloves dry and stay dry. When in the field layering is the best way to dress, and gloves should be the same. The interior of the glove includes a removable liner of both shearling wool and synthetic insulation making it the best glove solution for every hunter.    

Rambo Bike R750XP G3

    Getting around the fields quickly (and quietly) is every hunter’s dream. Make that dream a reality this holiday season with Rambo Bike’s R750XP G3. Its powerful high-torque mid drive motor maxes out a speed of 19MPH without pedaling. The R750XP G3 comes fully equipped with a digital display that allows any rider to check game cameras and scout the land without putting pressure on game animals. Get it in True Timber Camo for ultimate concealment and style.       Any of these products are a great gift for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts! They’ll be thanking you next season when they come home with food for the table.