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Bluetooth TrackableLocationMarker

Find your Calling

Locating your hunting spot at 5 AM can often prove to be a challenge. The last thing you want to do is disrupt your surroundings looking for your stand or blind. Breadcrumb Bluetooth Location markers make it easy to find your way without spooking game, so you can do what you love to do. Use Breadcrumb Location Markers to mark blood trails, find trailcams, and track virtually anything outdoors.

Leading the Way

  1. Durable Molded Case

    Built rugged for the outdoors, this molded case features a variety of latch-down options for easy attachment to your gear.

  2. PCB / Processor

    This powerful microprocessor allows you to track locations with a mobile app and remotely activate the light and sound beacons.

    Ultra Bright Led Lights

    Reveal your location with a flash of five ultra-bright LED lights

    Sound Chip & Speaker

    If your gear or stand is out of eyesight, simply activate the sound beacon to call your attention.

    Bluetooth Transmitter

    Bluetooth technology allows you to easily track of your gear and locations up to 100+ yards away.

  3. Battery Powered

    Using two AAA batteries, the Breadcrumb Bluetooth Location Marker is armed and ready. Upgrade to Lithium power to extend the range and battery life.

  4. Watertight Gasket

    Breadcrumb Location Markers stand up to all kinds of weather with a rubber O-ring seal that confidently locks out the elements.

Breadcrumb - Bluetooth Trackable Lighted Nock

The Bluetooth Trackable Nock

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